(A Prison, Action, Thriller)


Near TESTAMENT LAKE is a remote American mining town called FAITH, where a serial killer has been plying his trade, leaving the local Sheriff overworked and the town-folk terrified.


In close proximity to the town and the lake is a women's prison called THE FARM. It is small and secluded and unknown to most, it is also where the state dumps its most ruthless female convicts. Women it can't control, the violent women it can't house anywhere else. Athena Milton, a gorgeous but notoriously irresponsible heiress, is sentenced by a hanging judge to THE FARM for driving intoxicated into the oncoming traffic on a freeway and causing a multiple car pileup.


She arrives at THE FARM with three other inmates. AKI, an Asian arsonist, convicted of setting her ex-boyfriend’s house afire because he forgot Valentines’ Day; THERESA, an Italian-American Assassin, and ANGEL, a dangerous black haired beauty, of mixed race, who it is said once cut a man's head clean off with a steak knife.


It doesn't take long for the new arrivals to start wondering what exactly it is they are supposed to be farming because all they seem to spend their days doing is exercise and workout. There is a secret that connects the prison, the town and the miners, but no one can figure out what it is. Some nights and on weekends an inmate or two can be seen whisked from their bunks by the prison's DIs, only to be returned on Monday looking shell-shocked and haggard. Nobody is talking and everyone is scared.


The TOWN CHAPLIN visits the prison every weekend to give a sermon and take confessions, but still no one confides in him. They're happy to confess their longings and urges and petty sins, but nobody says anything about the dead, the missing, or the lost weekends.


Eventually Athena's number comes up and Angel sensing her friend might be in trouble asks if she can go along. The DI's agree and take both women to MOTHER the prison's HEAD GUARD. MOTHER sits them down and explains that they've been picked to work at BILLY'S BAR all weekend. They're lucky, she explains, they can get out of the prison, socialize with locals, and maybe even make a little money. Athena is excited. Angel is more skeptical.


At Billie’s, the next night, they find they're the only two women in the establishment. They're expected to socialize, drink with customers and dance on the stage. The next day the two women are escorted by Billy out to the mines. They descend in an elevator down a long shaft into a make shift break room. Kerosene lamps flicker; a battery-operated radio plays country music, and five grubby middle aged MINERS appear from the shadows. It becomes quickly obvious that a whole different kind of party has been planned.


As Billy turns to leave, Angel grabs a shiv and presses it against Billy's throat; she then takes Billy's shotgun and turns it on him. Billy tells the miners, “not to worry, he'll take care of it” and all three of them manage to escape unscathed.


At gunpoint, Billy is taken back to the farm and delivered to the other inmates. They tie him to a chair in a food supply shed and start torturing him demanding answers about their dead friends. Billy swears he doesn't know.


BRAXTON, SIR. Billy's father, the town's Mayor, who also owns the mines, which employ just about everyone, hears that his son is being held at the prison. With a team of miners, and the town sheriff, and the priest, they set out to get his son back.


As the town-folk shoot their way in, the inmates take over THE FARM and take it upon themselves to fend off the outsiders.


During the ensuing war, Athena discovers that she has character, the killer is revealed, and the rest of her group show how it is they originally garnered such nasty reputations.

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