Malcolm Abbey


                                                                                     COMPLETE RESUME


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ONCE UPON A TIME IN MONGOLIA -- Editor, VFX Artists, Colorist -- Feature Romantic Comedy about an American looking for her father in Mongolia.  Side by Side Films, Producer:  Rick Garside.

EVIL TOUCH -- Editor, VFX Artist -- 6 Part Series, Horror, Associated Television International.

SANADOR: THE HEALER -- VFX ARTIST -- Supernatural Short, Psychiatrist is haunted by voices.  7 Thirds Productions.  Director: Michael Marcel.

GIMME SHELTER -- Editor -- Action Short, Esteral Films.  Director:  Keith Parmer.

BADGE OF FAITH -- Editor & VFX Artists -- Feature drama about the recovery of a crippled police officer.  Side by Side films, Producer:  Rick Garside.


STAND -- LEAD VFX ARTIST -- Feature drama on the dangers of landmines. Inmotion Pictures Productions, Producer: Chris Osbrink, Director: Cosmos Kiindarius.


FAITH HAPPENS -- Lead Editor -- 8 episodes faith-based TV series.  Side by Side Films, Producer: Rick Garside. 35mm.


ENTER THE JUNGLE -- On-Line Editor -- Brazilian Fight Documentary, Jungle Ghetto Productions. Director: Tommy Sowards.


BENEATH THE CRISTO -- VFX Artist -- Action/Mystery, Plateau Pictures. Starring: Mathew Merlot, Karla Camargos. Director: Mario Milano.


TUMBLEWEED -- Editor -- Drama, Kismet Productions, starring: Vinnie Pastor, Emilio Roso, Martin Kove. Director: Emilio Roso


URBAN BITES --  Cinematographer -- 10 episodes, Food/Travel Show, Reverie Productions/ Talking Dog Media. Host: Mike Ryan.


DAY OF REDEMPTION -- Co-Producer/Editor -- Drama/Action, Kismet Productions, starring: Michael Madsen, Vinny Pastor, Steven Bauer. Producer: Emilio Roso


THE OTHER WAY -- Producer/Director/Editor/VFX -- Thriller/Dark Comedy, TOW Productions, Producers: Calvin Vanderbeek, Carl Steen. Starring: Jack Conley, Scott Colomby, and Johnny "Roastbeef" Williams. The Red.


​BEARERS OF THE PROMISE -- Colorist -- Short Festival Film, about God's promises. I'm Not A Turkey Productions.  Director: Susan Shearer.


THE GLAMOROUS LIE -- VFX Artist -- Feature Documentary, about billboard campaign exposing a cheating boyfriend.


DEATH BY CHINA -- Additional VFX (uncredited) -- Feature Documentary, China flooding U.S. markets with illegally subsidized exports, starring: Martin Sheen.  Director: Peter Navarro.


GODLESS -- VFX Supervisor -- Religious Drama, Trifecta Motion Pictures, Director: Dwayne Tarver. Winner Best VFX, Cinema Festival of Hollywood.


ENTOURAGE -- Additional VFX -- HBO Sitcom, starring: Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier,

Kevin Dillon.


A SECOND CHANCE -- Director/DP/Editor/VFX -- Action/Drama, TOW Productions, starring: Danny Di Vito, Al Burke. Producers: Danny Di Vito, Calvin Vanderbeek. 


SHIVER -- LEAD VFX Artist -- Horror, Cyclone Prods. Inc.  Starring: Casper Van Dien, Rae Dong Chong, John Jarrett. Director: Julien Richards. The Red


EVEN ME -- Editor -- Documentary, Director: Meagan Ebor. Festivals:  Cleveland International Film Fest, Winner Best Documentary Florence 2013, Accolade Winner, Pan African Film Fest, Hollywood Black Film Fest.


LITTLE HERCULES IN 3D -- Additional Editor (Uncredited) -- Comedy, staring:  Hulk Hogan, Elliot Gould, Robin Givens, Judd Nelson, Director: Robert Boris. HD (3D)


BIRTH -- DP/Editor -- Feature Documentary, Reverie Productions.  Featuring: Carrie-Ann Moss, Cindy Crawford. Reverie Productions, Director: Chris Carson. PBS  


A SHOT OF WHISKY -- DP -- feature documentary on the history of the legendary Whisky a

GO-GO. Director: Chris Carson, Reverie Productions/BBC.


FILM WEST HOLLYWOOD -- DP/Editor -- Commercial Campaign for the City of West Hollywood. Reverie Productions, Producer: Chris Carson.


​DIGIMOGAL STUDIOS -- Staff Director/DP -- 37 half-hour webisodes produced. Owner/producer: Jessy Combes


THE SECRETS OF THE SWORD -- Editor/Sound -- 4.5 hours Mandarin Mini-Series translated to English, re-edited and film-looked. Distributor - Crash Media. 


BROBOT -- Co-Producer/DP/Editor -- Urban Teenage Super-hero, starring: 2-Krayze.

writer/Director: Robert Boris 


VISIT WEST HOLLYWOOD -- DP/Editor -- Campaign for the City of West Hollywood. Reverie Productions, Producer: Chris Carson. Starring: Nadia Lanfranconi, Yaniv Moyal.


FIRST DATE MELTDOWN -- Editor -- Short Film, 24p.  Director: Tim Bartel.  


LIVING WITH UNCLE RAY -- Cinematographer/Editor -- Family Drama, Rising Peak Productions, Director: Gene Duffy. Festival Winner -- Park City Utah.


THE MOJO CAFE -- Editor/Cinematographer -- Peabody, Nevada Films, Director: David O'Hara. Starring Will Schaub, Maureen Muldoon.  Festivals: Sonoma, Phoenix, San Fernando Valley. 


THE UNMAKING OF… -- Producer/Director/Cinematographer -- Feature Comedy Documentary, Abbey Films. Festivals: New York, Santa Monica. 


EAGER FOR YOUR KISSES -- On-Line Editor -- Raising Cane Prods. Documentary.  Director: Liz Cane. Digibeta


REALITY RACING: THE ROOKIE CHALLENGE -- Lead Editor -- 8 episodes. 1 hour weekly TV Show.  Spike TV.  Director: Dell Weston 


SPAGHETTI VS. NOODLES -- Editor -- Short Film/ Cross-cultural Love Story.  Director: Mike Yen. Starring: Lian Goei, Natalie Hsieh.


LIVICATED -- Editor/Cinematographer -- Feature Documentary. Matalant Productions, Producer: Paul Madalant. Featuring: Carlos Santana, Ben Harper. Festivals: Slam Dance, Activist, Newport Beach, and Santa Barbara. 


SIGNATURE --  DP/Editor -- 1hr. Cooking/Travel Show.  Director: Chris Carson, Reverie Productions. Host: Mike Ryan.


PSYCHOTIC --  Additional Editor (uncredited) -- Horror Feature, Silverline Pictures. Starring Sam Jones, Kathleen Kinmont, Joe Esteves, Director: Ace Cruz 


INEVITABLE GRACE -- Second Unit Cinematographer -- Wildcat Productions Suspense/Thriller, Starring: Maxwell Caulfield, Tippi Hendren. DP: Christian Sebaldt. 35mm


BAD LOVE -- Second Unit Director -- Terra Firma Pictures, Drama, starring: Tom Seizemore, Seymour Cassel, Debbie Mazner, Jennifer O’Neil. 35mm 


ETERNAL DESIRE -- Co-writer/Associate Producer/Second Unit Director/DP, Horror, Boomerang Productions, starring: Tristan Rogers, Tyrone Power, Jr., Paul Bartel, Griffin O’Neil. 35mm 


GETTING EVEN -- Development Coordinator -- Action/Adventure, AGH Productions, Samuel Goldwyn Company, starring: Edward Albert Jr., Audrey Landers, Joe Don Baker, Director: Dwight Little. 35mm


GANG JUSTICE -- Co-writer-- Action/Martial Arts. Starring: Eric Estrada. Director: Woo Sang Park. 35mm


BABIES HAVING BABIES -- Assistant Producer -- CBS Special/Embassy Pictures, starring: Lori Loughlin, Renee Estevez, Akosua Busia. Director: Martin Sheen.


MEANS AND ENDS -- Second Assistant Director -- Feature Drama, starring: Cyril O’Reilly, William Windom, John Randolf.  Director: Jean Michel Michenaud


ALIEN INVASION -- Second Unit Director --  Feature Drama, starring: Brett Baxter Clark,

Pamela Saunders.  Director: Ed Hunt. 35mm


THE BAREFOOT BANKER -- Producer/Director/Editor -- Drama Short.  Featuring the renowned Director Jean Negulesco. 16mm.


CAGE II -- Second Unit Cinematographer -- Feature Martial Arts, Rocket Pictures, starring: Lou Ferrigno. Director: Lang Elliot. 35mm


THE RAIN KILLER -- Still Photographer -- Crime/thriller, New Horizons, starring: Ray Starky, Michael Chiklis, DP: Januz Kaminsky, Director: Ken Stein. 35mm


BODY CHEMISTRY -- Still Photographer -- Erotic/thriller, Concord-New Horizons, starring: Mark Singer, Mary Crosby,  Director:  Kristine Peterson. 35mm


SUCCUBUS -- Post Supervisor -- Comedy Short. (The Hungry Writer Company), Producer: John Ventorini 


THE UNKNOWN CALLER -- Editor -- Horror Short (One Peso Productions), Director: Christopher Courtois. 


BRAIN DEAD -- Still Photographer -- Psychological Thriller, Concord-New Horizons, starring: Bill Pullman, Bill Paxton, Bud Cort, George Kennedy, Patricia Charbonneau, Director: Adam Simon


STREETS -- 2nd Unit AD/1st Unit Stills --  Psychological Thriller, Concord-New Horizons, starring: Christina Applegate, David Mendenhall. DP: Phaden PopamichaelDirector: Katt Shea.


CLEAN SLATE -- Still Photographer -- Comedy, MGM/THE Zanuck Company, starring: Dana Carvey, James Earl Jones, Director: Mick Jackson.


THE WELCOME INN -- Editor -- Supernatural Short.  The Kid In The Corner Productions.  Director: Vincent Vassallo. 


SCHMUCKS -- Cinematographer/Editor -- Comedy Short.  GreenKorn Productions.  Director: 

Jeff Korn. 


The Greenhouse FX -- Editor/DP -- Realty Pilot, producer: Lenore French 


The Making of "Head of State" -- Co-Editor -- Behind the Scenes & HBO Special.  DreamWorks. 


The Making of "Friday's After Next" -- Additional Editor -- Behind the Scenes & HBO Special. 


UWF Old School -- Editor -- 1 hr, Wrestling Show, Universal Wrestling Federation, starring and produced by: Al Burk.


TRANSYLVANIA TWIST -- Still Photographer -- Comedy/Horror, Concord-New Horizons, starring: Robert Vaughn, Teri Copley, Ace Mask, Director: Jim Wynorski


WATCHERS II -- Still Photographer -- Horror, Concord-New Horizons, starring: Mark Singer, Tracci Scoggins, Director: Thierry Notz


AMERICA'S MOST WANTED -- DP -- Recreations, Various FOX TV.


EPK's -- For various networks -- Guggenheim Productions.


OVEREXPOSED -- Still Photographer -- Mystery/Thriller, Concord-New Horizons, starring: Catherine Oxenberg, David Nauton, Director: Larry Brand


DANCE OF DEATH -- Still Photographer -- Thriller, Concord-New Horizons, starring: Maxwell Caulfield, Martin Mull, Barbara Alyn Woods, Director: Charles Philip Moore.


DEAD SPACE -- Assist Camera/Stills -- Horror, Concord-New Horizons, starring: Mark Singer, Bryan Cranston, Lori Lively, Director: Fred Gallo


TAKEITEEZE -- Editor -- Comedy/Short. Producer: Patrick Scalise. 

RUFF RIDERS -- Editor-- 1 hr. Lifestyle/Motorcycle pilot, Particle Media.  Producer:

Mark FrenchDO-OVER -- Editor -- Make-over pilot, DRW Productions. Producer: Dean Richards. 

THE URBAN FISHERMAN -- Editor -- Sport/Fishing pilot, sponsored by Dodge Trucks.

Producer: Dean Richards.


WRONG NUMBER --  Cinematographer -- Film Noir/Thriller/Short, 16mm B&W. Director: Tom Ghaney. WINNER BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY OF YEAR-TVC LABS


Classic Comics of Late Night -- Editor, Color Correction -- HBO Pilot.  Starring:  J.J. Walker, Bobby Kelton, Gerry Mule deer, Elaine Bousler. Producer: Bobby Kelton


Surge Of Power (trailer) -- Editor -- Superhero/Comedy, Producer: Vincent J. Roth, Director: Michael Donahue, Super 35mm. 


THE HAUNTING OF MORELLA -- Still Photographer -- Horror/Romance, Edgar Allan Poe, starring: Nicole Eggert, David McCallum, Director: Jim Wynorski.


DOUBLE TROUBLE -- Still Photographer -- Action/Comedy,  Motion Picture Corporation of America, starring: Roddy McDowall, David Carradine, Bill Mumy, Director: John Paragon


SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE III -- Assistant Camera/Stills -- Concord-New Horizons, starring: Keely Christian, Brittain Frye, Hope Marie Carlton, Director: Sally Mattison.




Orenthal Goff -- "Listening" -- Editor/VFX


Orenthal Goff -- "Slippin' Away" -- Editor/VFX


Champaign Powell -- “God on Your Side” -- Editor/VFX 


Dollar Man - "Hot Steppin" -- Album: Dollarlogy.  Editor/VFX -- Director, Chris Cortois.


Die Fast - "Zippernecks"  EDITOR/VFX -- Director: Joe Hendrick. Super 35mm


2-Krayze - "Stay in School" Cinematographer/Editor -- Cinema 7 Prods., Director: Robert Boris. 


Paco  – “Camuflado” -- Cinematographer -- MC Entertainment. Director: David DeLeon, HD 24p 


Kamran Delan - "Farari"  Editor/VFX -- Neon Films.   


Crazy Moon Plan - "Sally's Song" Editor/VFX -- CLS Productions.  


Chris Emerson - "Broken Heart" Director/Editor/VFX -- Abbey Films/MonomoyRecords. 


Robert Perry -- "Down Home Girl" Director/Editor/VFX -- Abbey Films.  


Sercretia's Revenge, Dance Mix Editor -- Video for the film "Succubus” - Director: John Ventorini. 


Back Street Heat -- 16mm. CSI Prods.  Director -- Producer: Christian  Sebaldt 


Concrete Jacket -- Cinematographer -- Matteo Industries.    





Time Warner Cable -- Editor -- Dodgers on Demand, & Paquetaso.


The Commercial Makers .com -- Staff Editor -- Over fifty commercials edited. 

Producer: Steven Fisher.


Nobel Smile -- Cinematographer -- 3 spots. Nobel Biocare, Director: Alan Tietel


K-Swiss -- Cinematographer/Editor -- 17 spots K-Swiss/Passinglane Prods. 


The House of Blues -- Editor -- (35mm)-- VRT Multimedia MCI 


Nicorette Gum -- Editor, Color Correction. HDCAM 24P-- Matteo Industries. 


                                                                                B.F.A. FILM  


                                                        School Of Visual Arts, NYC.  1979-1983. 

                                                           Main Photographic Institute 1977.